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Graves Disease Anxiety


Svetla BankovaGraves Disease Anxiety. How to fight anxiety without pills! 

by Svetla Bankova

Anxiety is one of the most popular symptoms when talking about Graves’ Disease. Many patients complain that they can not manage anxiety at all and actually, their Graves’ Disease or Hyperthyroidism even gets worse.  I know how it feels, trust me…

man-looking-down-I’ll determine anxiety as a state of mind where our negative experience from the past meets our fears about the future.

Graves’ disease anxiety will be the point where we are worrying about things that may never happen or that we have no control over them. That’s the point where we are losing tons of time and energy just to worry.

In fact- on a very physical level, our pulse goes up, we feel like we are going crazy, thoughts are arriving and departing like the airplanes at New York airport at it’s busiest times, our heart is racing and we feel like we are a total mess.

I personally think that worrying is completely useless action and we can just consciously remove that from our lives once we have determined the roots of this anxiety and we manage to “equipped’ ourselves with a philosophy that helps us deal with it. This is especially important when we deal with  Graves’ disease or Hyperthyroidism.

When I catch myself worrying about something I ask my self this “powerful” question:

 Can I change something to achieve the desired by me result (whatever this is and I am worried about)!’

1.If the answer is “YES” I just go ahead and do whatever depends on me in order to get what I am looking for.

I this case instead of just staying and worrying I “kill” the anxiety with action. I do my part of the job. Period.

 2. If the answer is “NO” – there is nothing I can do. Then I just give up the control to the Universe and trust that whatever happens will be for my highest good. Worrying or not worrying won’t change anything.

At that point, I make a conscious choice not to worry. Anxiety is about the decision. Because you know very well, who was able to change anything by worrying?

This is luxury nowadays that I can not afford. I need my time and energy for things that are more useful. I need these thoughts for myself, my family and my business.

If you are still worried that something “bad” may happen to you and in that scenario, you are not able to trust the Universe, I’ll ask you to go back in your past and pick up one negative event that happened to you. Let’s say you lost your job 2 years ago. Now make a list of all good things that came out of this “bad” event.  

–  Maybe you had more time for your family?

–  Maybe you needed some rest?

–  Maybe you had more time for your hobbies?

–  Or maybe you didn’t have to drive an hour to get to work?

–  Maybe you started a new job after that or your own business?

– Maybe you were able to take care of all the things you’ve been putting away? 

“Graves’ disease anxiety” can be resolved. Stepping on the positive side of things will give you the confidence that whatever happens will be for your highest good. Here is another program that you can help you a lot as well, created by me, because  I was suffering anxiety and stress too. To learn more about anxiety, click here:

Life balance manualThere is a method, and not only one, for beating chronic anxiety, panic attacks and depression WITHOUT medications or therapy! “Graves’ Disease Balance Manual” Ebook will show you the core foundations of the root cause of your anxiety, panic, and depression, just to start with! Simple steps that probably will work for you ….especially if you start today! Click here for more details: