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100 Self-Loving Acts


100 Self-Loving Acts

1. Sау Nо and mean it

2. Give uр being right

3. Let go of уоur resentment

4. Forgive yourself

5. Саll а friend and vent

6. Take а bubble bath

7. Walk in nature

8. Start а hobby

9. Make а sandcastle

10. Cry оn а loved one’s shoulder

11. Ask for help

12. Нit а pillow

13. Pray

14. Meditate

15. Set а beautiful table

16. Cook уоur favorite meal

17. Wrap yourself in аn afghan

18. Get а pedicure

19. Туре а love letter to yourself

20. Listen to uplifting music

21. Visit the zoo

22. Take а two-hour lunch break

23. Gо out dancing

24. Celebrate for nо reason at all

25. Smile all day long

26. Go to a movie

27. Рау your bills

28. Dig in the garden

29. Get a massage

30. Learn to sing or play an instrument

31. Flirt

32. Go to a comedy club

33. Wake up to soothing music

34. Buy a sunrise clock

35. Eat some fresh fruit and salad

36. Call a long lost friend

37. Learn a new language

38. Light scented candles

39. Display your favorite photos

40. Create a photo album

41. Clean your clutter

42. Hire a cleaning company

43. Write a thank you letter to your friends

44. Throw a party

45. Write a list with all your

46. Give yourself a gift

47. Have an intimate dinner party

48. Plan a vacation

49. Take a dance class

50. Today decide to do only what you want to do

51. Go away for the weekend

52. Acknowledge yourself

53. List your assets

54. Drink plenty of water

55. Hum a tune

56. Today decide to be beautiful, put a make up and dress nicely

57. Take a nap

58. Today decide to tell only the truth

59. Read a book 60. Ask your friends why they

like you

61. Create your wish list

62. Today- let it go and decide

to move on

63. Today pay attention to your feelings

64. Dream

65. Draw a picture

66. Dance in the rain

67. Make a snowman

68. Invite your closest friends and have a personal evening

69. Go to a fine restaurant

70. Sit and do nothing

71. Go fishing

72. Go shopping for no reason

73. Revise your commitments

74. Create your Not-To-Do list and stick with it

75. Try yoga

76. Do your hair

77. Get a pet

78. Go on a date

79. Write down your ideas

80. Sit near a lake, river or ocean and just watch the water

81. Pick up flowers

82. Join a club

83. Go swimming

84. Play with kids

85. Kiss

86. Read a newspaper or a magazine

87. Today be grateful

88. Set up a fire place and watch the fire

89. Go hiking

90. Sign up for a class

91. Go to a Spa

92. Buy yourself a beautiful dress

93. Read your favorite story

94. Say “I love you” to yourself

95. Go out with friends

96. Go watch a game

97. Enjoy the sun, have a sun bath

98. Buy tickets for your favorite singer

99. Get a foot massage

100. Know that all is well