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Svetla Bankova - testimonials


The testimonials below are written to me by clients who had bought my books,  read my articles or tried my holistic methods and alternative treatments for Graves’ Disease in the past 8 years, in combination with the conventional medical treatment. They achieved improvement, healing and recovery- more or less. I am far way from the belief that I can help everyone suffering from Graves’ Disease/ Hyperthyroidism or Thyroid eye disease, even though this is my dearest wish.  But yes, my experience did help a lot of people and I continue to do so every single day… I really hope that you will be one of these people!

The testimonials below are not to show you how “great” I am, (I have over 100 pages of testimonials, impossible to list here), but to tell you that there are many people, who are, or were in your situation and in your shoes. You Are Not Alone! Healing and recovery is possible by all means!


Have in mind that any information in my articles and books is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended, nor should be interpreted as medical advice or directions of any kind. You are strongly advised to consult your own medical doctor/ endocrinologist for all matters involving your health and medical care.

All of the testimonials are genuine but due to the sensitivity of the provided health information their names and/or location might be changed for privacy reasons. Minor grammatical mistakes are corrected as well. If you feel too that you need to share your experience, please, do not hesitate to contact me at mythyroid@gravesdiseasecure.com. I’ll really appreciate your opinion and experience! Help me help the others!

Also, on my blog about Graves’ Disease I have over 300 posts from people suffering Graves’ Disease. Feel free to check it as well (link is on the right sidebar)

Hi Svetla!  Happy 4th of July!!

Just wanted to tell you about my test results this summer. Remember, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease 2 years ago. I had been having my lab done every 6 months, but didn’t have it done at Christmas time this last year.  So, it’s been 1 year since my last labs.  Here’s the results.

TSH             normal

Free T4       normal

TPO AB     19.1 abnormal BUT down from 106.8 last year

TSI AB        normal

T3 Total   normal  (is this the same as T3 Free?)

T4 Total   normal

The lab report didn’t give me a thyroid profile interpretation this time, but based on these numbers, I’m thinking it is Euthyroid.  Last years test results showed my TPO AB and my TSI AB high and still said Euthyroid.  I was glad to see my TPO AB came down so much from last year.

Pretty awesome, huh?  I couldn’t have come this far without your help.  If I hadn’t researched this disease and found your name, I wouldn’t have know what herbals to take to help cure myself. …

 Thank you,

Melissa, Oklahoma


Thank you for writing this book, thank you for being a fighter who didn’t say ok there is no cure, because without your fight I would not of found anything on the net to say anything can help, and the future was looking horrific for me, until yesterday…..Your book is spot on psychologically  and helped me identify my problem, which I was aware of but felt I couldn’t do anything about, so I felt very stuck. It inspired me, and I am a different person today than I was yesterday….

 Wish you a peaceful day!

 Louise C., London, England
***** Fantastic approach from a powerfully important viewpoint rarely offered!, October 25, 2011 (an Amazon.com review of the Kindle Edition). I purchased the “Life Manual…” yesterday, 10/24, and the next thing I knew I had read 40% of this very unique book. I have Thyrotoxicosis & Graves just diagnosed in July 2011. Fortunately my husband who is a Ph.D Research Scientist for a Biotech/Pharma, has taught me so much about doing my research over the past 11 years due to having another autoimmune disease. So, when the typical immediate response was you have to have RAI I knew not to. I’ve read several books, purchased Medifocus.com (provides latest greatest peer reviewed articles for GD from all over the world & so much more), read countless articles by doctors, nurses, sufferers of GD, GD websites, etc., but THIS Author takes a completely different approach. The Author’s background as a Psychologist and a former patient of GD and, I believe every word that she healed herself, her positive attitude, her ability to make the medical portions so easy to grasp, she’s done a brilliant job of putting all of this together in this book. I can’t believe it isn’t #1, and that she isn’t on a lecture circuit! You see, my husband was biopsied and diagnosed to have papillary cancer (thyroid cancer), during surgery they did the pathology on the removed right lobe and isthmus and NO cancer. He originally had a golfball sized lump (looking back, obviously a goiter), but weeks prior to surgery it was gone – the doc couldn’t find it. So, I think that there’s a lot of money being made on GD patients especially after having RAI, and they’re not healed/cured etc. they’re just patients for life. But, as this Author says that we can’t blame our doctors since it’s the way that they are trained. So, I love her attitude and approach on how to take control of GD, and I’m already finding that there are doctors at Stanford and elsewhere that are playing games with our health, and I’m learning to keep changing docs until you find one that in spite of their training, they are also willing to work with me and accept my viewpoint of no RAI and move on to working with me. This book lifted a huge negative burden off of me yesterday because it changed my outlook. THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!
Linda Deese

**** My Experience with Thyroid and this Manual, January 10, 2011

(Amazon.com review of the Kindle version)

I have used this manual off and on for the last year. There are parts in it that have helped me tremendously to cope with living with Graves Disease, Hyperthyroidism, Thyroid Eye Disease, and all of the weirdness of these diseases. Make no mistake, they may be caused by an attack on the Thyroid by the body, but they affect all parts of your body.

Svetla has done a great job in putting this manual together explaining what to do for various symptoms.


Dear Svetla:

I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your emails.  I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease and hyperthyroid in December 2009.  I felt so lost, confused and scared, but receiving information from you made me feel that I wasn’t alone and that I could try to change my lifestyle to get the disease under control.  I have changed my life drastically!  I even moved to China after quitting my job!  I’m still trying to control the disease,but having your advice is so invaluable!

 Thank you!

Candice Lee, Montreal

Dear Svetla,

Thank you, I love the list!  I’ve been working less and laying low, it was my natural inclination when I realized something was wrong.  I feel the need to tend to myself and relax!  I’ve been decluttering my house, my life & my desk at work!  Also, I’ve been wanting to paint a picture and will start soon.   I DON’T want to shop for the holidays, so I think I’ll make some special food items for the people I love!  Thank you again! 

Meredith, Stony Brook, United States

Dear Svetla,Thank you for taking the time to care. I do appreciate it. I must tell you that I have started the road to recovery and I am grateful to you and God.  Since my symptoms began April 16th , 2011 I had been asking God to please show me what I needed to do as I am a person of faith but I believe in medicine as well.  I wanted to be well, but I was not sure if this was a test of my faith or something to make me a  better more compassionate person.  As I began reading your book and I cried.  I felt that finally someone, even if it was you in book form, understood what I was going through.  I had been very disappointed with medical science because I was not getting any answers.  I had been on medication for almost 7 months and everything was fine, except for my hair which WAS horrific.Your book brought the beginning of my healing process the moment I read the first pages.  As I sat there crying I felt there was hope.  I continue to seek Gods guidance and I am happy to report to you that the answer to MY personal battle with Grave’s was my diet…. I can tell you that MY THYROID HAS SHRUNK, MY HAIR STOPPED FALLING AND I HAVE A healthy nutritious diet.  AND I have yet to get through all your book. For years I have believed a lie…..May God Bless You…  Elizabeth P., MD
Dear Dr Svetla Bankova, Thank you so much for sending me this email. It is worth gold to me. And your 10 steps – are the remedy that he needs. I am not a doctor, and am just so happy to read something in black and white. Every step applies to Patrick and his lifestyle  (and mine for that matter.) So, thank you once again I am deeply grateful. Elvira D., South Africa

Thanks Svetla,

for this …so true…. I owe my health to you and profoundly thank you for all your help ….I have all your books and followed the Diet , Eye exercises etc. I went through the Fear as didn’t know what was happening, but after 1st tablet wreck my liver, went on PTU, which was OK and then ate all Organic foods, sprouting, took Tonics, Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar for Liver…learnt so much that have been able to pass on to others about foods and growing, kept happy, walked, made jewellery,  try to think positively about it…. 

Now in an Euthyroid state and nearly weaned off the tablet….took 3 years till now and had it think for 2-3 years before …slowly creeps on you as you know….My Doctor has learnt from it and I was a questioning patient in some ways and he has changed to be more encompassing to other treatments and very excited about my well being.We split Champagne over it...I was sent to an Endocrinologist, who was opting for RAI and Surgery and I didn’t want to go that path That is when I found you and hope started and went to a great naturapath who had been through it and was cured ….So a lot of good comes from things that can be devastating as you know…all best and many many  thanks!

Stephanie, Australia

(not her real name, but one of my authors, by the way, in “Life Stories for Graves’ Disease” Book).

Dear Svetla,

Thank you for your reply, I think what you said makes perfect sense, about learning to love Graves Disease and yes “Its hard to love something you don’t want” but I have just realized! It is exactly that!! Eureeka! Trying to love things that I don’t want in my life! So I now have something to work on.

Sometimes things do not make sense it is only when you converse with someone things fall into place. Again Thank You. 


Reading, United Kingdom

Hello Svetla, thank you so much for answering my email. I am so happy to talk to somebody who was in the same boat and knows how it feels. I first got Graves Disease in 1995 and was misdiagnosed.  I felt very, very sick. I wish I had your newsletters back then. This is the 3rd relapse for me. I am doing much better this time around. I’ve learned to coop with my condition. Flax seed oil is really a miracle – it works – that was a great discovery. As far as everything else – your book and your advices make me think, and give me a good starting point. They also won’t let me ignore the symptoms and forget how important it is to take care of myself – I have a tendency to do so. Liking what I have to do makes a big difference – it is positive attitude and a tool to handle the unavoidable with grace.  I’ll stick to it for now.  Thank you for everything, Valeria B.,Cleveland, OH, United States


Dear Svelta,

Just a quick email to say thank you for all the information and guidance on your website for Hyperthyroidism.

I have now got the all clear from the hospital, and I can say that I no longer have this horrible disease. Though my own research and information gathered from yourself I removed certain foods from my diet, introduced several different vitamins and supplements, took a liver cleanse and within 3 months of following this regime I am all clear.  I had been on medication for over a year, the symptoms went, but the disease remained. So 3 months ago I decided to take matters into my own hands and take myself off of the medication to start my own healing regime, the results speak for itself.

My last blood test showed that all my hormone/thyroid levels have returned to normal.

I just wanted to share this with you, and I hope my experience maybe helpful to anyone else that may be suffering from this awful disease.

 There is hope!  Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  Sherrie, USA

THANK  YOU Svetla,

you are always an inspiration ! Thanks to you I became a “difficult patient “two years ago, when I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease and thanks to you I got completely well only nine months later!

God bless you! You helped me get well and you changed my whole way of thinking when it comes to health matters.

Natasha, Greece (I think)

Happy Birthday Svetla!!!

wish u a 100 of them full of good health!

I sincerely would like to give you a big shout out of THANK YOU, through this last few years with your written words, your ebook has & it still is, helping me get back on my feet and I go back to it for encouragement & hope every now & then. My eyes are healing naturally just the same as you did, with thanks to your tried & tested suggestions and I’m keeping a strong eye on it to keep balance & full-on awareness in my everyday life.

Sincerely, Thank you


Hi Svetla! 

I thank God when I looked up hyperthyroidism I found you! This past Tuesday I had doctor appointment (who said I’d take the pill for life). Two weeks before that I ran out of levothyroxine. I’ll have your book wore out. I know from it what to eat & not eat or drink. I figured out if ingredients are too small to read it has something no good for me. You know I didn’t google, my laptop has Bing.  An older lady from church was telling me about her daughter in Ohio. I gave her the book so she could relay where to get this information. By the way my heart beat was ok & no one asked if I needed anything like pills . I walk 20 min twice a day to use that time to praise the Lord. I thank him for my health ,for healing me of cancer & hyperthyroid. Your work is not done. God blesses you for your concern for all of us.    

 Happy 4th of July to you & your family.

   Marissa, USA


     Thank you for all the research and work you do.  My husband has battled hyperthyroidism/graves disease twice and won.  If it weren’t for your encouragement and advice he probably would have had the surgery. 

So we appreciate your work thank you, thank you, thank you.  

Karan and L. Berei, USA

Hello Svetla,

I want to share some great news with you. I had to change NP’s back in December last year and my new NP did a few tests and created an individual treatment plan for me.  I just received my latest blood work back and for the the third time in 6 months that my numbers are normal.  I met with my endocrinologist yesterday and she told me that she doesn’t need to see me unless something changes.  It’s hard to believe that a year and half ago she was talking with me about radioactive iodine or thyroid removal.  It has been a lot of work.  I modified my work schedule so I work from home 2 days a week, I do yoga regularly and I have removed all food sensitivities (NP ran a food sensitivity test on me) from my diet, limit gluten.  I am still taking some supplements but my NP has me cutting back and the plan is to come off all of them in the near future.  I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I am so glad I found your website when I was diagnosed…it made me look at alternative treatments and now I am cured!  Thank you so much!!!

I am GRATEFUL for my Healthy Functioning Thyroid! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you for all you do for us!!!

Olivia, USA

Dear Svetla:

Thank you so much for your wonderful gift. I will read it and act upon it. You are so gracious to give your work free to help humanity in his world. You ask for my opinion and I will gladly tell you that because what this represents.

The fact that you initiated this program for the only purpose to help those who like me didn’t know where to turn.  I believe as an American that we are we must pursuit our goals just as our for fathers did!  Your answer lays on the facts that your website is useful, your kindness and heart felt desire to help is genuine and that is worth pursuing and attaining. I believe we are on this earth for that same reason to heal and help each other. Trust in Him and he will direct your path.

Again, thank you for the information you have made available to me through your web site and your cordial and devoted e-mails.


Gibb, California, USA

Hello Svetla,Thanks so much for the mails you have sent.  I quite understand why you can’t continue doing so.  We will simply visit your website from time to time. I see you have a visualization CD.  I’m quite sure, that this is the most valuable item on your list.  I’ve come to understand, that we can change anything and everything in our lives with our thoughts and visualization.  We get illnesses in the first place, through negative thoughts and feelings, and these illnesses can disappear as they came, if we are in the right frame of mind and can visualize a healthy state.  If one can imagine good health and focus on the healthy state and not the unhealthy reality, then one will get well again.  You as a psychologist will understand this better than anyone else.  You yourself realized, that the mind plays a big role concerning Graves’ Disease.  You got me on to this in the first place, and I am VERY thankful for that.  You were the only person on the internet that was offering thoughts in this direction concerning this disease!  With this insight of yours and what you said about the psychological aspect, and things I learned regarding the Law Of Attraction and healing, I was able to get well againEven my eyes are getting better from day to day.  I am so happy and thankful, that I have discovered the secret to healing and a permanent state of well-being – and this all due to your thoughts at the outset! I hope all Graves’ Disease sufferers stumble upon your website and get your visualization CD, so that they can get well too.  This would make me really happy.


The very best wishes, from Hannah in Germany

Dear Svetla,

I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your emails.  I was diagnosed with Graves Disease and hyperthyroid in December 2009.  I felt so lost, confused and scared, but receiving information from you made me feel that I wasn’t alone and that I could try to change my lifestyle to get the disease under control.  I have changed my life drastically!  I even moved to China after quitting my job!  I’m still trying to control the disease, but having your advice is so invaluable!

Thank you!

Debbie, USA, now in China

Miss Svetla,Really thank you for the enlightening information. With your articles it really is helping me a lot combating my sickness of hyperthyroidism.It keeps me more brave and more positive that nor only medicines can help me cure my disease but also the unselfish tips and articles you are providing me.More power and best regards,Jeffry, 


THANK  YOU Svetla,

you are always an inspiration ! Thanks to you I became a “difficult patient ” two years ago, when I was diagnosed with Graves Disease and thanks to you I got completely well only nine months later! God bless you! You helped me get well and you changed my whole way of thinking when it comes to health matters.

Nora, Sweeden