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Graves’ Disease -Life Stories


Svetla BankovaGraves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism- incurable! Who said that?

The REAL LIFE STORIES of 32 REAL People will show the truth!

It’s been almost 7 years since I launched my website www.GravesDiseaseCure.com and almost 9 years since I cured my Graves’ Disease. I can’t believe it was so long ago and yet- like yesterday! I really never thought that my books will help so many people- encourage them, give them hope and alternative ways to cope with their disease and get their life back.

For so many years people tried to convince me that this disease is incurable and there is nothing else to be done but take the RAI pill or go for thyroidectomy. My experience didn’t matter. I was an exception probably or what I was saying was simply not true, in the best case scenario.

This is exactly what they were told by their doctors, and in some cases by their family members. Nobody to blame here.

Needless to say- that made me very sad, and frustrated me- a lot.

Because it’s not true that Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism are incurable….

I learned so many things from you, my clients and subscribers, during all these years!

So, I decided to create another book, just to prove that I am not the only case in the world who battled Graves’ disease and won. There are other people out there who went through a similar experience (read below) and came out of it- with more knowledge, more wisdom and much stronger than they ever were, and most important- cured, no matter how.

Some of them used alternative methods, other used medication, and a few even went through a RAI treatment- it doesn’t matter. They were there, where you are right now, and they have many thing to share with the world. (The emails below are truly genuine, but due to the sensitivity of the health information the names are changed).

 Dear Svetla,

Just want to let you know the great news that I’m cured from my hyperthyroidism with both my T3 and T4 levels back to normal range. My naturopath and myself was overjoyed that I have beaten this disease in 7 months ( I was diagnose at the end of October 2010) with initial readings that was extremely high. Even my liver function is back to normal having been affected initially after taking conventional medicine at the beginning.

I couldn’t be happier, thanks to you and finding your website and books to guide me to the right path of recovery. I feel more confident than ever with this new lease of life. I no longer have any palpitations or panic attacks.

I have slowly removed the stresses in my life and I am now looking for a better job. I am even finding time to relax, going out with friends and having lots of massages.I don’t dwell on problems instead looking for right results. I have gained to appreciate life and enjoy my family more than ever.

Thanks again, 

Amelia, USA

Hi Svetla!  Happy 4th of July!!

Just wanted to tell you about my test results this summer. Remember, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease 2 years ago. I had been having my lab done every 6 months, but didn’t have it done at Christmas time this last year.  So, it’s been 1 year since my last labs.  Here’s the results.

TSH             normal

Free T4       normal

TPO AB       19.1 abnormal BUT down from 106.8 last year

TSI AB        normal

T3 Total     normal  (is this the same as T3 Free?)

T4 Total      normal

The lab report didn’t give me a thyroid profile interpretation this time, but based on these numbers, I’m thinking it is Euthyroid.  Last years test results showed my TPO AB and my TSI AB high and still said Euthyroid.  I was glad to see my TPO AB came down so much from last year.

Pretty awesome, huh?  I couldn’t have come this far without your help.  If I hadn’t researched this disease and found your name, I wouldn’t have know what herbals to take to help cure myself. …

 Thank you,

Melissa, Oklahoma

Honestly, emails like these make really, really Happy!!! I am sure you want to see your results the same!


Just had to share that I stopped my methimezole, after 2.5 yrs, a month ago and all levels are normal!  I attribute a big part of my success to change of diet (I am eating more vegies than ever, and am eating 60-70% raw foods). I am managing stress very well and exercising regularly.  I am confident I will remain Graves’ free!  Thank you for your information and support that helped me stay on track when I was getting discouraged.

Teressa P., USA

Hello Svetla:), How are you ???

I’m writing to tell you, that I have been living after your book and I have discovered that since I have taken coffee and cola light out of my menu ,then my antibody (receptor) has fallen from 3,9 to 1,4 and I am so HAPPY! Thank you for always being so kind to help.  I have given your book to my doctor ( Endocrinologist) at my hospital. He is very interested in how you and I have been healthy in such a short time. It took me 6 month to get well, and I have had the disease in 9 years, and I’ m healthy now.  Finally I’m healty again after 9 years. My eyes look beautiful again.  I owe it all to you, Svetla
Thank you 

Natasha, Denmark

I smile. I am happy. I want a similar email from you too, this is my dearest wish!

So, This is how the new book “Graves’ Disease Life Stories” was born! And I never believed that this could be possible, honestly!

Life stories“Graves’ Disease Life Stories”
EBook was created by all of you- specifically 32 people,  from all different continents- Australia, New Zealand, North and South America, Africa,  Europe and Asia: men and women, young, old, married and not married, with kids or no kids…all different, just one thing in common- they are all Graves’ Disease survivors. They have all been there, where are you probably right now, they battled the same disease and came out with new understanding, experience and wisdom.  The stories, the poem and the pictures are provided by all these people, who want to help the others, suffering from Graves’ Disease or Hyperthyroidism.

And as you read them, you understand that:

What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”

The book is dedicated to 136 000 people who are diagnosed with hyperthyroidism every year, only in USA. 11, 333 every month. 372 people every day only  in USA will hear this diagnose. One in 89 people worldwide will get sick with Graves’ Disease.

  This is some of the Graves’ Disease cast today:

Margaret Mayer<–Her name is Margaret Meyer
, she is 62 years young, mother of 4 terrific daughters, and she lives in Australia in a rural countryside. She has  been a medical pathology technologist for 20 years but has always done all sorts of creative art leading to having an art supplies and teaching shop till 4 years ago.


Juliette <–Her name is Juliette Lachemeier and she is 38 years old. She is a Clinical Nutritionist who specializes in Homotoxicology, Vibrational Medicine, Clinical Infertility and Pathology. She lives in tropical North Queensland, Australia with her husband, seven years old beautiful daughter and 2 year old fluffy black cat.

In her chapter she will share with you her own personal journey through Graves’ disease, and will give some insight into how to prevent and work with it. You are not alone, even though at times it will seem like no one understands where you are coming from or what you are going through, she says.

Valeri HarperValerie Harper age 32, is a single mother of two children–> residing in Phoenix AZ.
She is an intuitive consultant and teaches classes on a wide variety of topics to inspire personal success, inner clarity and emotional peace.


Pearl from Canada



<—–Pearl is 56 years old. She lives in London, ON Canada, but she is  a U.S. citizen. She was born and raised in northern Idaho and moved to Spokane, WA the year she graduated. She has 4 beautiful, wonderful children and 7 awesome grand children. She married a Canadian and moved there in April, 2001.


Tanya Miller<–Tanya Miller lives at Gowrie Junction, a small country village, about 2 hours west of Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia. She is a support person in the commercial area of a national telecommunications company, Telstra in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. She has been married to her husband Perry for 28 years and have three children -Christopher, 26 who is a police officer, Shannon, 23 is living and working in London and her youngest daughter is Morgan 16 who is still at school.

Jan ArmstrongJan Armstrong is 61 years old and has 3 sons. She was born in England and emigrated to Australia in l976. She is a Psychologist and enjoys countryside, riding, yoga, dogs, cinema, reading, drawing, gardening, walking, friends, family, travel, creativity, writing and alternative health

Blanca mares 

Her name is Blanca Mares, she is 47 years old, she lives in –> Puebla, Mexico. She is an Accountant and she works in her own accounting firm. Her family had 5 members but in 1996, her mother and her brother died. She is married to an Englishman whom she met in London and they live  in Mexico now. Her childhood was in a small town near Guadalajara Jalisco. She loves gardening, dogs and reading.

Ted Salonica<–Ted Salonica and Patty live in the small community of Weirton WV, a region known as the Ohio Valley. A community which is high on values and morals, where raising a family can be rewarded with lifetime relationships. He is a Certified Natural Health Professional and shares his journey through Graves’ Disease.


 I wish I could list all of my authors- because  they are all unique and very special! But unfortunately I don’t have much space here, so I’ll leave to them the space in the new book “Graves’ Disease Life Stories”.

And as you probably know my story, I also managed to cure my Graves’ Disease without RAI treatment or Surgery. It’s been a long journey since then, but speaking now, 7 years later- I am perfectly fine, in a better health than I ever was before. So, it is possible, it’s working, it is doable and it’s not a magic.

And as you see I am not the only one who says that- there is always a way out!

You can do that too– and if you’re wondering now if you’ll EVER be able to get rid off YOUR Graves’ disease and Hyperthyroidism as well, then keep reading what all my authors have for you in their stories:

Life stories(Cover of the Book: by Eva Razborek, Slovenia. Eva Razborek is an architect, designer and ornamental artist from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia (Central Europe). She enjoys drawing, painting and designing, especially greeting cards. Lately she created a collection of butterfly designs, which represent the Thyroid Gland)

“Graves’ Disease Life Stories Ebook” 32 stories, 120 pages of  wisdom: (This comes as  an Ebook)

  “Graves’ Disease Life Stories” is a very special and unique book. It will give you decisions, solutions, and “what to do” in many aspects in your life, especially if you are diagnosed with Graves’ Disease,Hyperthyroidism or Thyroid Eye Disease. I learned so many things, while reading these stories!

 All the stories are authentic- they will comfort you in times of confusion, pain, and loss! And I know that we have many of these moments!

You will learn many methods and tools to apply immediately in your life, to make it more enjoyable, even if you have a lot of health problems right now! It will improve your self-esteem and self-confidence, you’ll know that you are not alone!

These stories may help you to recognize a new truth, provide a new perspective, or a new way to perceive the Universe or your situation!

They’ll teach you how to cope with Graves’ Disease or Hyperthyroidism on any level- mental, physical and emotional.

You’ll learn how to use alternative methods to cure Graves’ Disease– and control all the debilitating symptoms- these strategies are really working, as you can see from the stories from all over the world!

The stories will sustain you in times of challenge, frustration, and failure! Everybody has her “down” periods. This book will help you to overcome them and see what these periods can teach you!

 “Graves’ Disease Life Stories Ebook”- only $24.95

Life stories

If you order your personal copy today, you can get also the following 10 FREE Bonuses valued ($342.60)


Graves dietGraves’ Disease & Hyperthyroidism Healing Diet

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Graves’ Disease & Hyperthyroidism Diet is an ebook about foods organized and grouped by . How they affect our body and when we should consume them to improve our health.
Red foods that work in a red way–red vegetables, red fruits, red minerals and red vitamins–one of them surprisingly is chocolate.
Orange foods and foods that work in an orange way–we are attracted to orange foods when our bodies need to release significant amounts of stress and toxicity.
Yellow Foods and foods that work in a yellow way. Problems with learning, concentration and memory indicate a lack of yellow energy in the body. Green foods– they calm our emotions by providing the nutrients that body uses to balance all the energies.
Blue and violet foods can help your Graves’ Disease. Learn what you need to eat, when you have thyroid problems.

Graves HouseGraves’ Disease& Hyperthyroidism Color Therapy

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Graves’ Disease & Hyperthyroidism Color Therapy Ebook will show you:

◊ The best color for your bedroom if you have Graves’ Disease (yes, every little thing helps)
◊ Color to chose, depending on how you feel
◊Which colors are good or bad for you, if you have any health problems


personal color assessmentPersonal Color Assessment for your Graves’ Disease

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The most popular Color Assessment, created especially for you that will reveal according the color you chose or avoid:

◊Your most current emotional and psychological issue;

◊Your possible solutions and much much more….It can be used for all aspects of your life, anytime you are in doubt what to do and how to solve a problem, including your Graves ‘ Disease or Hyperthyroid Condition. It will help you to determine what parts of your life needs attention to accelerate your healing process.


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“Are You Feeling Stressed, Overwhelmed And Are Full Of Anxiety? If So Then We Have The E-Book That Gives Help On Getting Rid Of Your Stresses And Helps You Get On With The Rest Your Life!”Stress Is The Number One Cause of Medical Problems In The United States Today. Anxiety Just Adds To Those Problems. But You Don’t Have To Suffer Anymore! We Have The Answers You’re Looking For!


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A comprehensive list of 101 ideas how you can cope with the Stress in your life and how to make it more joyful and fulfilling. Stress is #1 reason for all diseases, so make sure you live Stress- Free Life! With the courtesy of the Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, Hawaii


SelfsteemHow to build your Self Esteem

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Vitamin World- Everything you ever wanted to know about Vitamins


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Are Vitamins and Minerals important if you have Graves’ Disease or Hyperthyroidism- I know that they are!Everything about Vitamin C, K and Ahow to store themwhere to buy themhow to use them safely

Bonus #9

Thinking diet

STOP- Thinking- Diet (value $39.95- yours FREE)

What to do and not to do regarding fitness and weight loss programsHow to eat… without losing the will to Live
How to avoid the pain but maintain and a lot, lot more…


ReikiBonus #10

The USUI Reiki Handbook (value $39.95- yours FREE)

REIKI is my secret weapon, and the secret Japanese weapon when it comes to Graves’ Disease& Hyperthyroidism. I have used it many, many times and it helped tremendously my healing process. This is what you’ll find here:

How Reiki can help Graves’ Disease & Hyperthyroidism

Simple explanations for the everyone, easy to follow steps

Methods, ideas and applications for REIKI

Total Bonuses Value: $342.60, all your immediately!

I would like to mention also that you are ordering “Life Stories for Graves’ Disease” entirely on my risk! This ebook comes Risk Free, 12 months guarantee. even though since the book came out  on the market I proudly can say that I don’t have a single refund! NO RISK AT ALL!

If you respond today you’ll get also all the bonuses totaling $342.60 and you’ll pay only $24.95.

All these bonuses and any of my books, if not all, will provide a total MAKEOVER of your present Life, so you can heal your Graves’ Disease & Hyperthyroidism easy and quickly!

I know for sure that no matter what pills I am taking, what is my diet and what minerals and supplements I buy- if I don’t change my every day LIFE STYLE– nothing will help.

All of my books will help you achieve this NEW HEALTHY LIFE STYLE. You’ll have thousands tools in hand that you can try and implement in your own life- TODAY! 

Of course, you still have my 100% GUARANTEE– if these tools I am giving you now don’t work- you get your money back. No questions asked, as always!

Still wondering and not sure? Well, here is the deal:

“Graves’ Disease Life Stories Ebook” 32 stories, 120 pages wisdom:

+All Bonuses  totaling $342.60

Only for $24.95

 Life stories

P.S. This offer is available only for my subscribers. Enjoy your books and bonuses, if you have questions, you can always send me an email to mythyroid@gravesdiseasecure.com