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Books about Hyperthyroidism


Books about Graves’ Disease, Hyperthyroidism and Thyroid Eye Disease

General instructions: some of the listed below come only as ebooks, some you can order in paper as well, please read carefully before ordering! After the order you will be automatically taken  to a page, where you must enter your email address, so I can send you the download link.  Also, do not close your browser window and it will open another page for downloading!

 “Life Manual for Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism” EbookLife manual

This is my very first book and so far the only one of its kind available on Internet. It represents my experience on how I cured my Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism. It includes all the alternative methods that I have used and found working for this disease, Herbs, Vitamins and Supplements. It contains a short part about Thyroid eye disease, as well as diet for Graves’ Disease. For more detailed information on the last topics you should refer to my other books below.  Price:  $ 39.95

Mental Emotional and Psychological Aspects of Thyroid Disorders

 “Mental, Emotional and Psychological Aspects of Thyroid Disorder”- Ebook

My newest and most important book! Do you know that your mind can heal your thyroid? Do you know that your body reads your mind? This is my newest and most important book that explains the enigma of thyroid disorders and how to approach them to achieve permanent health.

Why exactly YOU have a thyroid disorder? Do you know that besides the traditional treatment there are many other methods, complementary and alternative, for helping the thyroid heal? Your emotions and feelings, your personality traits, stress events and your past have a lot to do with your thyroid disorder and its healing. This book will change how you view your body, your thyroid and finally, will change your destiny! Learn all the details in this 230 pages book. The paper version is available on Amazon.com world wide. If you prefer to read it on your tablet or any other device that supports Nook go to Barnes & Nobles.com  Price: $24.95

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Thyroid Eye Disease

“Thyroid Eye Disease and Its Healing Ebook”

This book represents all methods that I know so far for treating Thyroid eye disease- medical and alternative. It includes herbs and supplements I have used to help my Thyroid Eye Disease,  10 eye exercises for double vision, 8 other exercises and healing methods to relieve Thyroid Eye Disease. Price: $24.95

Book diet “Ultimate Diet Secrets for Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism” Ebook

This is what is included in this book: Everything you want to know about Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism Diet.  12 dangerous foods and substances that should be avoided, 15 healing foods and ingredients, and their variations, so you’ll be safe when you consume them, 31 Goitrogenic foods (foods that help the natural inhibition if excess thyroid hormone)+ Recipes for all these foods and meals you should eat if you have Graves’ disease. Price: $39.95

Life balance manual“Life Balance Manual for Graves’ Disease” Ebook

This is what you can learn from this book: How to eliminate the undue pressure you put on yourself every day…that’s absolutely unnecessary to heal! How to delegate responsibilities and save time for yourself. 11 laws of successful and healthy relationships. How to change your mentality and stop worrying. Generally- this is the “psychological work” of my experience, absolutely necessary for treating Graves’ Disease! Price: 24.95

Life stories “Graves’ Disease Life Stories”– Ebook

Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism- incurable and who said that? The REAL LIFE STORIES of 32 REAL People will show the truth! This book was created by all of you- specifically 32 people,  from all different continents Australia, New Zealand, North and South America, Africa,  Europe and Asia: men and women, young, old, married and not married, with kids or no kids…all different, just one thing in common they are all Graves’ Disease survivors.

Price: $24.95

Graves’ Disease -5 EBooks- Value Package

Graves Books

A Value Package of all of the above ebooks about Graves’ Disease, Hyperthyroidism and Thyroid Eye Disease. This way you’ll have all of them in one place and at the same time, this will save you a lot of money (who doesn’t need them today!). + 10 Bonus ebooks!

Price: $ 99.95

“Children with Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism”- an Ebook for their ParentsKids Book

This is a book about children, teenagers and adolescents diagnosed with Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism, and mostly for their parents as I don’t expect the children to sit down and read it. The book is packed with holistic suggestions, diet recommendations, alternative and supplemental treatments and life style changes that can easily be implemented by their parents, things you can not find anywhere else. Again, warning to the parents: Do not stop your child’s medication at any circumstances and without your doctor’s permission! This disease is no game, but there is a way out of it. 

Price: $24.95

Healing Visualization

“Healing Visualization CD” Part I- $10.95

The CD’s below come as MP3 files and are downloadable immediately to your computer. No physical CD will be shipped! After downloading, you can listen to them from your computer, burn them to a CD or transfer them to any other external drives (including IPods, mp3 players etc.). The purpose of these guided meditation CD’s is to assist your healing process, help you relax, remove anxiety and worry and in general lead you in your self- healing process of recovery. They really work! The more you listen to them and stay focused on the meditation process, the better effects you’ll achieve. You should listen to them at least a few times a week, if not every day and you’ll notice a big difference in your life very soon! Enjoy!

Healing Visualization CD Part II- $10.95

Visualization CD for Graves' Disease Part 2
Visualization CD for Graves’ Disease Part 2


All the information in the books and articles are intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended, nor should be interpreted as medical advice or directions of any kind. You are strongly advised to consult your own medical doctor/ endocrinologist for all matters involving your health and medical care.