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Aromatherapy for Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism


svetlawebGraves’ Disease Aromatherapy

10 spiritually uplifting and calming scents you can use to help  Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism

lavenderAromatherapy for Graves’ Disease
is practically the use of pure essential oils to enhance physical and mental well- being. Essential oils are aromatic, highly concentrated distilled essences of plants. They can sometimes be used as a natural adjunction to, or a substitute for prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

For example, lavender oil has the ability to evoke and increase the release of serotonin, thus producing a calming effect on the body. This is my favorite essential oil and use it even today if I want to go to sleep quicker, or I am stressed out. Using essential oil is very simple.  Basically you dilute a small amount of essential oil in a base of some kind (either water or oil, termed a carrier oil, depending on the intended use) and apply or inhale it. Oh, that smells good! For inhalation therapy, there are special devices available, including diffusers, simmer pots, aromatherapy lamps, and light bulb rings. When using some of these devices follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Graves’ Disease Aromatherapy practically works immediately and you can feel the difference right away!

1. Frankincense- anti-inflammatory, sedative, deepens breathing, enhances calmness

geranium2. Geranium- antiseptic, hormone balancer, mildly sedating oil good for nervous tension





3. Clary Sage- antidepressant, anxiety reducer, helps to counteract insomnia;

4. Jasmine- lethargy- busting antidepressant (avoid during pregnancy)useful for anxiety, emotional imbalances

5. Juniper – detoxifier, air purifying and calming- avoid during pregnancy

6.Lemon Balm Melissa (true)- uplifting, restorative for the emotions

7.Sandalwood: spiritually therapeutic scent, considered meditation enhancing since Vedic times. Good for nervousness, it is soothing for both body and mind.

8. Lavender- improves the immune system function, reducing inflammation, calming and normalizing the body. This is one of the best oils ever.

9. Ylang- Ylang- antidepressant, calming sedative, eases anxiety, reduces stress, normalizes the heartbeat and lowers the blood pressure.

10. Cedar wood- antiseptic, expectorant and sedative. Normalizes sweat gland function.

How can you benefit from the above information about aromatherapy for Graves’ Disease? When treating Graves’ Disease anything can be helpful, even the small changes in the environment.

You don’t believe what you smell does matter? Think again: 

A recent study involving pleasant stimuli was conducted by Watanuki S, Kim YK. (2005) from the Department of Human Living Design, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan. He used pleasant stimuli like fragrances, pictures showing different emotions and a typical Japanese book with stories to examine their effect on the brain, the nervous system, the immune and endocrine system.  The results were measured by encephaloelectrogram ( EEG) and revealed that the pleasant odor increased the activity of the left frontal brain region, while the emotional pictures increased the vasomotor activity of the sympathetic nervous system.  
The study undoubtedly proves the correlation between different pleasant experiences and the immune system, and accordingly presumes that the wellbeing and happiness of the individual is connected with the performance of his immune system even on a pure chemical level.  
Even the scientists have proved that aromatherapy works for your immune system and not only.

Get some of the above oils, buy a diffuser and experiment. Your intuition will tell you what you like most and probably this is what you need most right now. At least, it can not cause a damage (make sure you are not allergic to any of the above mentioned oils). Imagine resting and smelling some of the aromas listed above! For more alternative methods and natural cures, click here: