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Graves’ Disease Recipes


Graves’ Disease Recipes and Recommendations

Broccoli for Graves' Disease
Broccoli for Graves’ Disease

Here are some recommendations from one of my subscribers Paula Polson from Melbourne, Australia. She works as a Feng Shui consultant, geomancer and healer and has   20 years experience as an occupational therapist in acute psychiatry. 

“Dear Svetla,

I love the way the Internet is used by people like yourself to help others freely. It is such a wonderful thing. We humans are all in the same boat and as I understand it are basically one organism. Helping each other makes good sense.

In treating my sudden hyperthyroid condition I was aware that an exacerbating factor might be the mercury in my old fillings, but felt the cause might well be the constantly increasing number of mobile phone towers in my suburb. I found the following, plus of course my body’s amazing natural healing ability,  helpful enough to get my blood test results and functioning back to normal within a few  months.:

*Chinese medicine- acupuncture and herbs ( prescribed by a qualified practitioner.)

LemonsEasily absorbable calcium (You can make a good one yourself. Put 2 eggs- preferably organic- in a glass container, and squeeze enough fresh lemon juice to cover them. Close the lid and put in the refrigerator. After 12 hours or so gently stir and turn the eggs. Leave for 24-48 hours, until the lemon juice has dissolved the hard shell, leaving the eggs protected by a thin skin. Then remove the eggs carefully, and use them normally later. Shake up the mixture and drink 1-2 tablespoons per day.

It tastes nice and lemony and is very easily absorbed calcium.)

* No wheat, dairy or sugar in the diet… well minimal anyway

* Virtually no processed foods- all fresh

* Protein powder, flaxseed oil tablets, vitamin B

* Lots of fresh green salads, fruit and water

* No soy products such as tofu or kelp-related products such as sushi

* Minimal fish such as tuna which contain mercury

* Much rest when I felt like it

* Sea -salt baths/ sea swims which help absorb and remove unwanted electromagnetic fields from the body

* Bioenergetic treatment from naturopaths

* Being in nature, e.g. gardening, walking my dogs. The natural world, and pets have many healing capacities which benefit us.

A couple of other tips:

*Gratitude is a very healing feeling. Acknowledging the health or good circumstances that we do enjoy actually benefits the mind and the body.

* Reduce unnecessary exposure to electromagnetic fields. Do not use an electric blanket- unplug it before bed. Keep clock radios at least 1 metre from the bed. Do not put mobile phones against the head. Keep transformers and wiring away from the bed. Ensure you do not sleep the other side of the wall from the electrical meter box, or from someone else’s electical equipment. The fewer electrical appliances in the bedroom, the easier for the body to heal. Do not use a microwave oven. Push your computer screen as far back from you as possible.

Underfloor electrical heating can be a serious health hazard. If you are on the first floor in a building close to powerlines, this may be affecting your health. If you have to put up with exposure to such things as mobile phone towers, high voltage powerlines, etc, there are now many companies that make products you can use to reduce their effect on us. Try Googling “radiation health electromagnetic fields”, etc. Or move house.

* Feng shui tips: Your bed position is very important. Your body does a lot of healing while you sleep, and should be well supported then. Sleep with your head against a solid wall, and preferably a headboard. Your bed should be diagonally opposite the door, not directly opposite, as this may be stressful. If your bed is on the same wall as the door this may be tiring. Ensure there is fresh air.

*Talk nicely to the body. One’s body, like everything else, is a conscious entity. Everything it does is to enable us to function and learn while we are briefly here on this planet. If we are grateful to it, patient with it, trusting of its own healing ability, and unafraid, it will be better able to serve us. If we just give it time, instead of running fearfully to all and sundry for help, it may well be able to right itself.

* If you are reasonably in tune with and respectful of your body you will know what it feels like eating, and when it feels like resting.

All the best, Paula”

Here are some other recommendations from one of my subscribers Sharon Levin from South Africa.  She works as a Counselor for addictions, NLP,  family, Life coach -and she is Head of the Fibromyalgia Support Network of Southern Africa. You can find more information about her on her website:


“Dear Svetla,

I have found personally and with patients, that a holistic protocol for Graves’ Disease and Hashimoto’s, + for that matter,  all thyroid malfunctions (under or over-active newly diagnosed before either of the 2 auto immune diseases are definitely diagnosed by an Integrative endocrinologist), is imperative to slow down all symptoms:


  1. Clinical Nutrition:  ALL iodine in foods, all FLUORIDE and CHLORINE, ALL PRESERVATIVES in foods and drinks.
  2. Alcohol – fermentation processes encourage CANDIDA ALBICANS and further disrupt the cells (from tongue to insulin receptors, to pancreas and thyroid gland, upper and lower colon and Enteric Nervous System). Yeast growth/overgrowth is essential to halt at all costs. Wine, whiskey. Brandy – no different in conversions.
  3. SUGARS- all to go. Safe is Stevia nutraceutical and sucralose in smaller dosages. Zylatol has not been proven to be helpful. No other sweeteners allowed.
  4. In Graves Disease, asthma is shown to be prevalent.
  5. HONEY+ PROPOLIS, is shown in all studies to affect the bronchioli + alvioli and the lungs’ systems as the queen bee leaves POLLEN in all captured honey – whether organic/creamed/etc. The pollen-filled honey disrupts the lung functions, and worsens  asthmatic Graves’ Disease thyroid function. Molasses is the better option.
  6. Non-organic MILK, non-organic LAMB, are anathemas in Graves’ Disease, as is all other MEAT, bar OSTRICH which is free-range.
  7. All colas disrupt the function of thyroxine, whether endogenous or given in tablet form. (Sugar, phynelanines, glucose etc and all preservatives and colorants with FIZZ) the problems. Pure apple and pear juices are 100%. Any other pure  fruit juices must not contain GRAPE JUICE for the same reason as the grapes in wine will ferment and cause havoc. Ciders – apple and pear again because they are pure will not effect the thyroid. Coming to the Festive Season, do not be lured into the ‘drinking with buddies alure’! Staying well all the time is, with knowledge, in our hands and intelligence must rule! Paying for an elusive ‘pleasure’ will only cause more pain and disruption for sufferers.

  8. Teas –  Chamomile FLOWERS tea, Cranberry, Raspberry, Elderberry flowers with apple and cinnamon are fantastic assistants for the endocrine system, drunk both hot and cooled!
  9. Water – never tap water due to high fluoride, heavy metals, toxins from river effluents world wide. Bottled water is NOT OK unless there is NO SULPHUR, NO SODIUM, LOW POTASSIUM, CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM LEVELS. The latest studies show that MOST plastic bottled water hold much bacteria from materials used and are most harmful to the thyroid! Thus advise at worst double boiled water and then cool in GLASS and at best a good water filtration system. Drink a litter of water, plain or with the above teas a day.
  11. Keeping insulin low means keeping a glycaemic load and index ‘in-balance’ for the endocrine system to function better. Thus, when eating orange colored veggies like pumpkin, use your hand as the diameter =’s a quarter of a palm-ful only, 3 times a week. Goes for all orange veggies.
  12. Ensure 2 am Flax seed capsules and 2 pm, either Krill oil seafood/Omega 3 pure Alaskan / Sardine fish oil/Vegetarian Algae capsules before sleep for optimal ‘oiling and greasing’ of the eyes, the brain systems, the body systems.
  13. If you are stressed take the amino acid L-Taurine, 1 am, 1 noon, 1 4pm, 1 before sleep.

  14. Flax Seed OilThe most nvb capsules for Graves’ eye disease and for the continual organ and normal function at optimal levels are : 3,200 mg of pure flax seed omega 3 caps- i.e. 2 am and 2 pm, krill oil, 1 capsule with algae omega 3 2 am and 2 pm as well as pure omega 3 Alaskan salmon oil or sardine oil.
  15. Eyes must be lubricated every hour/ 2 hours with non- preservative eye gels and drops. 

Sharon Levin 




For more information, please contact directly Sharon Levin. Also- you are absolutely free to send me your tips and suggestions, whatever helped you may help other people as well.