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Natural Cures for Graves’ Disease. Honey Remedies.


Natural Cures for Graves’ Disease. Honey Remedies for Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism

One of the safest natural cures for Grave’s disease that I regularly use for all purposes is honey. Honey is used for many things in Europe and it was a very big surprise for me when I found that the only place you can practically consume honey in Atlanta is Starbucks Coffee. And I never saw people eating honey just like that. For a person like me who grew up with honey (my father produces honey as one of his hobbies!) it was unthinkable not to have a jar of honey in my “kitchen pharmacy”.

Used regularly, it can help you to strengthen your immune system, especially if you have Graves’ Disease or Hyperthyroidism and not only that.

honey-jarHoney has long been used in medicine not only as a valuable item in the diet but as a remedy and a means of healing.

In the oldest medical papyri of Egypt, dating back to 1553-1550 BC, there are indications that honey was used to heal wounds, ‘in order to cause urination’, and ‘as a means of easing the belly’. In Indian medicine it was considered that honey could be used both as a remedy and as an analeptic. The tonics prescribed ‘to give pleasure’ and ‘to preserve youth’ were mainly prepared from honey. And a diet in which honey and milk were the main items was thought to prolong life.

To find out about the benefits of honey especially for:

–   Stomach problems- when and how to consume honey

–  Eyes- my personal Honey Eye Recipe

–  Gold bladder problems

–  Ulcer problems solution

–  Nervous system- Special recipe to help your nervous system

–  Heart- palpitations when you have Hyperthyroidism

– Immune system- how to strengthen your immune system to overcome Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism

–  Hair- my personal Home Made Hair Mask

–  Skin problems- Home Made Face Mask

–  Sore Throat-  Sore Throat Recipe

In ancient Greece honey was considered one of nature’s most precious gifts. The Greek philosopher Democritus, creator of atomic theory, said, when asked for advice on how to live and how to keep in good health, that one should anoint one’s interior with honey and one’s exterior with oil. Hippocrates, the Greek doctor, prescribed honey extensively and successfully for many diseases. Honey taken with other food, he said was nutritious and improved the complexion.

Honey and nervous system: Lemon juice and honey is a good remedy in cases of hypertension, insomnia, and nervous conditions. Dissolve a spoonful of top quality honey in a glass of mineral water and add the juice of half a lemon. The beverage is pleasant and nutritious.

Liver and gall bladder: Lemon juice with honey and olive oil is recommended for complaints of the liver and gall bladder.

Honey and insomnia: mix a cup of warm milk with a spoon of honey before going to bed. I sleep like a baby. 

Honey and sore throat- if you have Graves’ Disease or Hyperthyroidism probably you have the feeling sore throat as well. Nothing helps more than a spoon of honey. It will also clear your voice and help any throat infection you may have as well.

Honey and your stomach: An old saying has it that honey is the stomach’s best friend. The medical literature indicates that honey has a beneficial effect on digestion.

When honey is used to treat ulcers it has a dual effect: a) a local effect helping the surface of the gastric mucosa to heal; and (b) a general effect building up the organism as a whole, and particularly the nervous system. For ulcers honey should be taken 90 minutes to two hours before meals, or three hours afterward, preferably an hour and a half or two hours before breakfast and the midday meal and three hours after the evening meal. The honey should be dissolved in warm, boiled water. In this form it dilutes the mucus in the stomach and lowers acidity, and is rapidly assimilated without irritating the intestine. A cold solution, on the other hand, increases acidity, slows down digestion of the contents of the stomach, and irritates the intestine. When taken just before meals, honey stimulates secretion of gastric juice.

Honey for the eyes: Honey has long been considered a most effective remedy for many Eye Diseases. An ancient Egyptian papyrus gives the recipe for a honey ointment and instructions how to us it. It is recommended to mix honey with onion juice, clover, or wheat grass for the eyes. In the last century honey was held by some writers to be a good remedy for burns, especially those affecting the eyes, and an excellent cure for inflammation of the eye. It has not lost its importance today, even when medicine has been enriched with a host of new preparations (sulphonamides, antibiotics, etc.), and is, in fact, highly effective for certain diseases of the eyes. 

Honey Eye Recipe. I personally never used honey in the above mentioned way, but I have tried another recipe: I mix a spoon of honey with a piece of ice (if you don’t have distilled water like me every time), and I let it dissolve for half an hour. I use a few drops when my eyes hurt or are tired, after working on a computer all day long. But I would not recommend using that on your own- only under the supervision of a doctor or ophthalmologist. The first feeling is itching, but in a few minutes I can feel the relief in my eyes and clearer vision. This is just “folk medicine”, but I am inclined to try all different things and alternative therapies on myself. Most of the times they really help.

Honey for your heart: Honey has a beneficial effect on the heart because it contains much easily assimilated glucose. It has been noted that it has an invaluable effect on the weakened muscle of the heart in various types of cardiac diseases, in our case when we have palpitations for example.

Honey for diet: Honey also is the only product that you can eat without being afraid that you can gain weight. You can use it instead of sugar, put in your tea, coffee, cereal, and smoothie or eat a spoon with honey when your body is craving for something sweet- instead of cheese cake for example. 

I can guarantee you that honey will be much, much effective and useful in all aspects.

Honey for your hair: Home Made Hair Mask. I receive a lot of emails from my clients regarding how to help your hair become stronger and beautiful again- because of the different medications when treating Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism your hair may become thin or you may observe even hair loss. This is one of my recipes that I use to strengthen my hair and make it shining:

Mix a spoon of olive oil, one yolk and one spoon with honey together until it become an even mixture (for longer hair increase the quantity accordingly). Then apply to your hair and massage. Put nylon around your head to warm it and then put a towel over it. Stay about 1 hour (or more if you have time- the more the better). Wash as usual. After a few hair masks like this you’ll be able to see the difference on how your hair looks like.

Honey for your skin– to have beautiful skin mix a spoon of honey and spoon of yogurt and a few drops of lemon. Leave it on your face (avoid getting in the eyes) for 15- 20 min. Your skin will shine and look brighter. 

However- do not use any of the above recipes with honey if you are allergic to honey. It’s a very rare allergy, but it is possible, so if in any doubt, consult your doctor first or check if you allergic to honey.