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Wellness and Health Coaching for Graves’ Disease


Svetla Bankova Wellness and Health Coaching for people suffering from Thyroid Disorders

by Svetla Bankova

If you were diagnosed with a thyroid condition, or you just left the doctors office with your brand new diagnose, or you already had that for a few months and it’s not getting any better at all? Scenarios may be all different…

I know- you can’t heal your Graves’ Disease if you keep doing the same things as you did before, no way. You have to fight Graves’ Disease on a few different levels, not only one, or as I call them “axes”.

– Psychological level- understanding the cause of the disease
– Healthy Diet (what to eat and not to eat, drink and not to drink)
– Appropriate physical exercises/ workout programs (actually no workout!)
– Herbs that can help you and how to use them
– Vitamins and Supplements to strengthen your immune system
– Other alternative methods that can improve your health

Thyroid Healing Plan

–  change your mind
– change your life style
– change what you eat and what you drink
– change your relationships
– change your exercise/ workout program

– change what do you do every day
– change your job, if you have to
– change the way you view yourself and the others
– change your vitamins and supplements
– change your doctor, if necessary

And this is not just a life makeover… This disease is here to change everything in your life.The question is:

Are you ready for a CHANGE? And most of all, do you need someone to help you with this process? Some one who has been there, who knows what is like to has Graves’ Disease & hyperthyroidism and what exactly needs to be done first?

This is called Health and Wellness coaching.

How it works?

1. Book your coaching session  with the “Order” button bellow. The cost is $75.00 for a 60 min coaching session, or, if you think can not afford it, I also work on a sliding scale, depending on your financial situation at the present time. It’s a fair game and bad karma otherwise. Send me an email to mythyroid@gravesdiseasecure.com to discuss details.  I do understand that people go through different hardships and I want to help you to feel better!

2. You’ll be taken to another page, where you fill out details like name, email address, ph#, address, time zone and best time for coaching.

3. We agree upon date and time via email, and on the agreed date and time you call a ph# in USA, or skype #, depending on your preference. 

4. Coaching session will last up 60 minutes. We create a plan together for your healing process. You can book sessions as often as you need it.

Click here to book and order your coaching session. After the purchase you’ll be taken to a page, where you can fill out all your details, your time zone and address and your preferable coaching method- via skype or telephone.

Book your coaching session now and start your healing process, now!