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Graves Eye Disease Treatment


svetlawebGraves’ Eye Disease Treatment/ Thyroid Eye Disease Exercises.

Graves Eye Disease is often called Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) and both terms represent one and the same condition- inflammation of the eye (one or both eyes). Not of all of the people, suffering from Graves’ Disease or Hyperthyroidism will have Graves eye disease as a symptom. And I say symptom, even though is called “graves’ eye disease” because it can not exist separately, without the underlying condition Graves’ Disease. The Thyroid antibodies, are actually responsible for that condition.

Thyroid Eye Disease and its healing
Thyroid Eye Disease and its healing

With some people, who had undergone RAI treatment for Graves’ Disease the eye condition becomes even worse- and unfortunately they are not advised about that by their doctors.  However, there are a few things that still can be done to improve Graves’ eye disease.

If you need some help with Thyroid eye disease/ Graves Eye Disease, especially if you have Graves’ eye disease symptoms as protruded eyes, double vision, or just any eye problem that can come to your mind  and is related to Graves’ disease (or even not related) in this article I am giving one, no, two exercises that I used myself and they felt pretty good on my eyes:

  “Palming” Exercise”

This is the most popular and well known for centuries technique for calming and relaxing the eyes. It’s first officially described by William H.  Bates.
William Horatio Bates (1860 -1931) was an American physician who practiced ophthalmology and developed what became known as the “Bates Method” for better eyesight. One of the exercises included in his “Bates Method” is exactly the “Palming” exercise.

IMG_0470“Palming” is actually artificial darkening of the eyes with the help of your palms. Simple as that. Palms and hands are used in Reiki, in a similar position. It’s practically giving energy to your eyes. So how we do that:
First: Rub up you palms/hands for a few seconds, so the friction can warm them a little bit. Then put your fingers next to each other, so there is no light coming between the fingers. There are 2 options here.  You can cross the little fingers, or you can use the Reiki style, however you feel comfortable. You can sit on a chair and put your elbows on the back of the chair to support them, or you can choose another position, just rest your elbows. You can also lie on a bed, but you’ll need some pillows under your elbows, or any other position you feel comfortable with.
Your back and neck should be in one line, do not bend them in any direction. Breath deeply a few times, relax your torso, and your hands, no pressure should be applied on the eyes, eyebrows or head.
The most important here is your mental condition- during this palming exercise you should not worry about anything, try to relax to the best you can. If you are not able to- postpone for other times. You can also use any relaxation music, or aromatherapy candles/sticks. Anything that helps you to relax.
The exercise should last at least 10- 15 minutes, the longer the better. Anytime you feel your eyes are tired. You can do it as many times daily as you want, at least twice. There are no contraindications.

The Essence of Palming exercise
The healing properties of this exercises come from the darkness and the black color, which is created by closing your eyes and putting your palms on. If you can not get the “black” color, but instead you see lights, blinks, circles, grey shadows and forms, other colors- that means your visual center in the brain is too agitated, stressed and arduous.  Relieve the pressure and relax. You can help yourself with your imagination- imagine black curtains or blinds, black ink or any other “black” association that comes to your mind.
If you are not successful with the black color, or it depresses you, than try to imagine a beautiful picture, the park, a forest, the sea, a nice memory from your past, something that gives you a nice, relaxing feeling. It will do the job.
Etheric/ Virtual Eyes Exercise
This is a variation of the palming exercise and it’s created by a Russian follower of William Bates called I. Afonin from Cherepovetz. It can still help Graves’ Eye Disease to a big extend.
Imagine that your etheric/ virtual eyes are just in front of you. Imagine your eyes in front of you, to be more specific. They are just sitting in the nothingness in front of you, they are not attached to anything and can move freely in any direction. These eyes can go further left, right, diagonal, they can go in different direction- one of them to the right, the other up to the left. They are not connected. One of them can do circles clockwise, the other counterclockwise; one can come closer to you, the other far away from you. Only your imagination can limit their movements, as they are product of your fantasy, and can be controlled only by your thoughts and imagination. This exercise is very useful for people with severe eye problems and double vision, as they may have difficulties doing any eye exercises at the beginning, or closing their eyes at all.
Now- these are your eyes, imaginary, virtual- but yours.  Take a close look at them, check the condition of the iris, the eye muscles, the retina, the optic nerve. Clean them, caress them, feed them with color, fluids and nutrients, whatever they need to feel better. Then wash them with cold water. And finally take them and put and connect them with your real eyes.

This, as you can see, is a type of visualization exercise and we all know that visualization works even for cancer patients. Why not for Thyroid eye disease? This method is used also in psychotherapy, called “our second body”, especially with people who have body- mind issues. By using this exercise you are not becoming “crazy”, it’s just a method of healing your eyes.
And of course- there are no contraindications.
You can also check the video on YouTube, which generally shows some other of the eye exercises:


 Both exercises are explained with detailed drawings and pictures in my book “Thyroid Eye Disease and Its healing”, as well as many other exercises and remedies for TED.