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Thyroid Eye Disease Remedies


Thyroid Eye Disease Re
medies (Graves’ Eye Disease Remedies)

Remedy #1- Eye Baths

As our Thyroid Eye Disease is an inflammatory condition (hot in its nature) I believe that I could be helped by cold remedies. This is how one of the thyroid eye disease remedies work:

The purified water must be first cooled in the refrigerator. Then pour the water in a small pot or similar vessel (a little bit bigger than your face). For 10- 15 seconds just place your face in the water, open your eyes and just blink. Raise your head from the water, keep blinking and then sink your face in the water again. Repeat this a few times, no need to put any records, water should not be freezing. That simple procedure gives an immediate relief, especially if you feel like your eyes are “burning”, or contaminated.

 Variation: Some of us can not sink their face in the water or keep their breath even for this short time. In these cases you can use special small eye cups, or cold spoons, or you can use your own palms just to put cold water on the eyes. The main rule you should keep in mind: water needs to be purified and cold, the eye contact is short and you should be convenient when doing the procedure. Duration: 15- 30 seconds.

You can repeat the above as many times as you feel like it during the day. No contraindications.

 How this helps us and our eyes: The eye water baths have stimulating and energizing function. These baths also energize the skin around the eyes and face and make them look younger, especially if you have wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes. Also, when we sink our face in the water we’ll stop breathing for a few seconds, but when we take out our face that will increase the oxygen intake to the head and the eyes, which is very important when healing the eyes.

thyroid eye disease natural remediesThyroid Eye Disease Remedies # 2

 Contrast eye compresses

 You’ll need two separate pots, or similar water vessels, not very big. The water in both vessels should be as contrast as possible. Paul Bragg (1895 -1976), nutritionist and a pioneer in America’s wellness movement) for example recommends putting ice blocks in one of the vessels. But you don’t have to- just put the water from one of the vessels to cool in the refrigerator.

Start with the hot water (not very hot so you won’t burn your eyes) – soak cotton balls, or handkerchiefs in the hot water and then put them on closed eyes for 2 minutes. Change with cotton balls from the cold water- for 1 minute. Then dry the skin and eyes with a towel.

From my personal experience I can say that the cotton balls are less effective- they get cold or warm quicker. For that purpose I use small towels- in this case they will cover also the nose and the skin around the eyes. Very good effect for puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles, trust me.

For the same purpose you can use small tea packs (as sold in the food store). I have that described more detailed in my book about Thyroid Eye Disease. Get your own copy today:

thyroid eye disease healing