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Thyroid Antibodies, Immune System and Aloe Vera


svetlawebThyroid Antibodies, Immune System and Aloe Vera

As we all know by now, Graves’ disease is an auto- immune disorder, in which the immune system due to whatever reason is attacking its own cells. The immune system can be under-active (not fighting well with cancer cells for example), overactive- producing diseases like allergic asthma, or when is performing an inappropriate action attacking its own tissues like arthritis, lupus or Graves’ disease.

I’ve been asked many times by clients and patients if there is anything to be done to boost the immune system and help recovery, or just “make the immune system do its job right”. I didn’t know such a method…

Until today, when I read a book about Aloe Vera by Dr. Peter Atherton “The essential Aloe Vera”. You know that I like reading. So this is what I have found today and I have to share with you, because I believe that this is a valuable information about Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is not a magical plant, but it has two main effects on human health and organs that need to be mentioned here: it works on surfaces and membranes (like skin) and on disordered immune system (which is the case with Graves’ Disease). I am not going to list all its healing properties, they are many, but among them is another, very interesting one as well: anti-inflammatory (extremely important when dealing with Thyroid Eye Disease).

How exactly it works? Now I’ll make Biology easy for you:

The most important for the immune system are cells called lymphocytes, which are made of B cells and T cells, found in lymphoid tissue and the blood. The other important cells are called phagocytes– some found in the tissue, others in white blood cells circulating in the blood.  B lymphocytes produce antibodies, while T cells help B cells in this antibody production. They also find and destroy viruses, they control the level and quality of the immune responses. In general they tell your immune system what to do and when.

Now here comes the Aloe Vera gel in action. Aloe Vera contains a very important substance, called acemannan, found in its sugar part. It is a long chain polysaccaccaride and acts as an immune modulator, especially for the thyroid antibodies. Meaning that has the power and ability to slow down or enhance the immune system response. In our case- should be able to manage the immune system to recognize its own cells and not attack them. It acts however it is required by the immune system!

The importance of acemannan is supported by the research of Carrington Laboratories in the USA, and a drug was produced named “Carrisyn”, licenses by FDA and given to AIDS patients. If it is assumed that it may help AIDS patients, I believe that drinking Aloe Vera can help Graves’ Disease patients as well, and mostly- their thyroid antibodies!

Not to mention the Aloe Vera anti-inflammatory effect on Thyroid eye disease for example.

aloe-vera-gelAm I drinking Aloe Vera gel? Yes, I am- at least for the last 3 years, every single day, between 30-60 ml, depending on how I feel. Not that I knew about its immune action, or other some other positive effects. I like it and find it very useful- I haven’t been sick for a very long time. After reading the book I mentioned above I also believe that it can help Graves’ disease by modulating the immune system to “take proper decisions” and anti- inflammatory for Thyroid eye disease as well.

 You can buy Aloe Vera  pretty much from everywhere, but to be sure in its healing properties, follow these suggestions:

– make sure it’s certified by International Aloe Science Council (IASC), for Europe  the “Kasher” organization

– Contains at  least 97% pure Aloe Vera gel

– Comes from Aloe Barbadensis Miller type plants

aloe-vera-gel-peachesI personally buy it from Forever Living Products and I am happy with them- their products exceeded my expectations through the years (at least those I have tried). I am not endorsing the company, but if you want to sign as a distributor and save 15% ( I do get some credit for that, not sure what though) you can use my personal
distributor # 001 002 401 252. And this on the left is my favorite (with peaches).

Here is their website, for your convenience:


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The above article is my own production- that means I am just following the simple logic of healing..One thing for sure-Aloe e 100% safe!