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Graves’ Disease Cure


svetlawebGraves’ Disease Cure…Is Your Graves’ Disease Curable? Natural Methods and Alternative Therapies…

If you type on Google “Graves Disease Cure” you’ll see amazing results. 90% of your results in general will say: Graves’ Disease is incurable! Very encouraging for everyone who is diagnosed with Graves’ Disease and is trying to understand it and conquer it. Here are some of them:

“However, the state of science as we know it indicates there is no “natural” way to “cureGravesdisease.” – says the National Graves’ Disease Foundation

“There’s no way to stop your immune system from attacking the thyroid gland, but treatments can decrease the production of thyroxine. ….says CNN News .

Pictures062011 105Actually it will be more accurate to say that doctors don’t know what causes Graves’ Disease – and they have no clue why and how this disease appears among the unsuspecting population. This is exactly the same to say that cancer, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes or any other autoimmune disease is incurable, just because we don’t have any specific explanation what causes it. As we know though there are a lot of people, diagnosed with cancer for example that cured themselves!

 It is very simple- it goes beyond the known medical science and this is where we have to look when talking about Graves’ Disease cure. Check the video below for some additional information:


In different words the disease is not about chemical imbalance and it is not genetic, as many want or are made to believe!  

In simple English Graves’ disease is a disorder of the immune system which causes the thyroid gland, and the whole body to become overactive. It is an autoimmune disorder, and in 70% of the cases is the reason for Hyperthyroidism. That means that the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the body’s own cells instead of protecting them from outside invaders. In Graves’ disease, the body’s immune system makes abnormal chemicals called immunoglobulins that stimulate the thyroid gland to make too much thyroid hormone. This overactive thyroid state is called hyperthyroidism.

Doctors agree that they don’t know what causes Graves’ disease, but some of them consider that it has a genetic component- meaning that if your mother has it, or any other family member – you may have it too.

My opinion slightly differs from that, I consider that not Graves’ disease is the one that runs in families but the way of thinking and coping with everyday life and obstacles along the way does.

Everybody has stress it their lives, but how you handle it, is another question.

Most of the doctors however agree upon the fact that stress, anxiety, and hypertension are leading factors when talking about the onset of this disease.

Now I can sound very heretical, but according to my opinion, Graves’ Disease is completely curable, once the person realizes that he has to change his lifestyle which was the reason for Graves’ Disease occurrence on a very first place. (For more specific steps you can check my book “Life Balance Manual for Graves’ Disease).

Even though the idea of changing lifestyle may see vague at the very beginning, it is possible and can dramatically affect the course of Graves’ Disease and even cure it.

I believe that all our diseases, illnesses, and pains come into our life to teach us something. Until we “get the message”, they won’t go away, they will come back after some time, or they may come in the form of another disease. And accordingly,  RAI (Radioactive Iodine Treatment) or surgery won’t fix the problem, they’ll just mask it.

Somewhere on this road called life we lost the meaning of why we are here on this Earth and how we should use our time while living here.

We came to this Earth with purpose; we were born to experience the best of this life, to have our desires fulfilled, to live a life full of joy and happiness and to make our talents available to the world. Somewhere on the life road we got lost the direction, we became angry, guilty, anxious, worried, and suspicious. This finally resulted in diseases like Graves’ Disease.

14 Specific tools to help you change your life and cure  Graves’ Disease

1. Remove stress from your life by creating a priority list and stick to this list, no matter what.

2. Create you To-Do- List and Not-To- Do-List.

3. Limit your activity/work up to 4 hours a day, if possible take a leave of absence. Don’t worry, this is temporary!

Picture 0774. Take frequent walks in nature.

5.  Avoid heavy work out programs. Instead- do yoga and meditation. You’ll see the difference very soon. The gym can wait.

6. Remove anxiety and worry by adopting the philosophy that whatever happens is for your highest good and you can’t control everything in the world.

7.  Get enough sleep, no matter how. Or at least rest 11 hours daily.

8. Meditate- at least 30 min per day and you’ll see improvement in your Graves’ Disease very soon.

9.  Speak up for yourself, speak up the truth, speak up what you really want. Don’t be afraid!

10. Make decisions based upon your own real needs and therefore create a lifestyle based upon these needs.

11. Find at least 2 things that you enjoy doing and do them as much as possible.

12. No matter what others tell you or want from you, the most important thing is what you want and how you feel.

13. Allow yourself to do nothing. This will calm you down and decrease your stress levels.

14. Consider a special Graves’ Disease diet by avoiding food with high iodine content.

I believe also that once the person suffering Graves’ Disease or Hyperthyroidism starts to take care of  herself/himself it will not only improve Graves’ Disease symptoms, but will also be able to find the  Graves Disease cure. Once your symptoms are under control and your test are in normal range your eyes will start to improve as well. So besides treating the symptoms I would recommend treating the cause of Graves’ Disease as well.