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Stress and Hair Loss- Twin Brothers?


Stress and Hair Loss- Twin Brothers?

by Svetla Bankova

Graves' Disease and Hyperthyroidism Hairloss
Graves’ Disease and Hyperthyroidism Hairloss

“My hair is falling, there’s hair on the bed, there’s hair on the comb, there’s hair everywhere, except on my head”- This may sound humorous. But it is true. The main cause for hair loss is stress. Stress and hair loss are just like twin brothers.

Stress and hair loss are inter related. This is commonly noticed among people who gulp down coffee for breakfast, swallow the burgers for lunch and puffs the cigar to kill the stress. 

Most of the people are under severe stress because of an overdose of work. Stress and hair loss are the important factors to cause premature graying among the youth population. Your hair is the first part, which shows that you are in severe stress. Medication, imbalances in nutrition, and illness are the factors which cause stress and hair loss.

If you have been changed from one office to a new office, you may be in severe stress. At this time stress and hair loss can easily be visualized. Desire to earn and work pressure are the two main troubles causing stress and hair loss. It is extremely important to manage your stress levels especially if you suffer Graves’ Disease or hyperthyroidism. 

Lack of exercise, hectic work schedules and most of the people are running helter-skelter from one place to another. Working women are facing more stress from both home and job. Stress at home and at the working place have a drastic effect on food habits. Very often a lack of vitamins and thus hair loss is a result of wrong food habits.

All these reasons are known to contribute initially for the onset of Graves’ Disease. Accordingly- to cure your Graves’ Disease you need to change how you handle different situations, your nutritional habits and how in general you treat yourself in everyday life. This is what I call change of lifestyle.

Sometimes if you have undergone surgery for any ailment, your mind and body both are under severe stress and finally, you may suffer from hair loss as a result. This condition can not be corrected automatically. So don’t panic because stress and hair loss are interconnected elements.

In general, if people are not eating regularly green leafy vegetables and other healthy foods, they will go for iron deficiency, which in turn will lead to anemia and finally severe stress and hair loss.

Methodical treatment, including de-stressing, meditation, yoga, hair—care advice, and correct nutrition will alleviate stress and hair loss problems. Relax, quit smoking, and manage your day better to feel lighter and fitter for impede stress and hair loss. This will help also the cause of your Graves’ Disease and will speed your recovery.